(1st part of Liminal Space Trilogy)

AES+F, 2007
3-channel HD video installation

The virtual world generated from the real world of the 21st Century, is like an organism coming from a test-tube, expanding, leaving its borders, grasping new zones, absorbing its creators and mutating in to something absolutely new. In this new world, real wars look like a game on, and prison torture appears as sadistic exercises of modern Valkyries. Technologies and materials transform these artificial environments and techniques into a fantasy landscape of the new epoch.

This environment is a mutated world of frozen time where all past epochs fuse with each other, where inhabitants lose their sex, and become closer to angels. The world, where even the most severe, vague or erotic imagination is natural reveals the artificial, unsteady 3D perspective. The heroes of this new epoch have only one identity, the identity of the rebel of last riot. THE LAST RIOT is where all fight against all and all fight against themselves, where no difference exists between victim and aggressor, male and female. This virtual world, that has become real, celebrates the end of ideology, history and ultimately of humanity.